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When its s'no'w go - are you covered? An insight into why travel insurance is a necessity for all year round

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When its snow go - are you covered? An insight into why travel insurance is a necessity for all year round

In the excitement of booking our well-earned holidays we often forget about the important issues…what if things go wrong?

Let’s face it, insurance is usually on our “to do” list prior to departure to often sunnier climates. The issue is, by leaving the insurance until just before you are due to go on your holiday, you are not covered for events which may occur in the run up to your holiday which may prevent you from actually travelling.

If you do not purchase cover at the time of booking or prior to booking most companies will be unable to provide a reimbursement, in the event you are unable to travel due to a reason which would usually be covered by insurance. Many people do not realise that if one of your party were unable to travel due to illness or injury the holiday company would expect the remaining guests to travel.

Each policy is different and must be assessed according to an individual/family’s needs, however an annual policy usually extends to breaks taken in the UK as well as abroad.

Given the weather over the last couple of weeks, many people were unable to travel and were complaining via social media that their holiday company would not change the dates for them and this had ruined their only family holiday. Having a valid travel insurance policy would have covered the cost of the holiday and allowed them to rebook for another time.

When your policy documents have been produced and received, always check that you have adequate cover and there are no mistakes. Make a specific check that “cancellation cover” is included. Companies are commonly allowed to cancel travel plans for issues outside of their control, such as the weather, and further items on your itinerary may be affected by, but not covered by this cancellation. In such instances you would need to rely upon your travel insurance policy.

Be aware of common exclusions such as drinking excess alcohol and not taking reasonable care.

If you have any pre-existing medical conditions it is advisable to speak with the insurance company rather than taking out online policies. You need to be sure that the insurer has fully understood your issues and that you will not be caught out by any exclusion clauses.

Once you have obtained your travel insurance (either prior to or immediately after booking a holiday) you can relax and start to prepare for the break.

Remember travel insurance is a necessity for every holiday you plan. It is therefore important that you obtain suitable quotes for you and your family and make sure you have the appropriate cover in place prior to travelling.

Whilst it rarely occurs, your holiday provider usually reserves the right to request a copy of your insurance, and can refuse to allow you to travel.

We really hope you do not have to make a claim on your insurance, however if you do and are experiencing difficulties in succeeding then contact our dispute resolution team on 01616 966 229 to see if they can assist.


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    a very informative read. Points to note which people don’t realise. Definitely checking our insurance policy.