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Is your cavity wall insulation causing problems in your home?

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Is your cavity wall insulation causing problems in your home?

A few years ago the government, our energy suppliers and various installation companies were all encouraging us to have cavity wall insulation installed in our homes. With the promise of a warmer home and reduced energy bills many people jumped at the chance, especially when they were told they could have it installed for free or heavily subsidised.

However, unfortunately many people are now discovering that cavity wall insulation isn't actually as amazing as we were led to believe. In many homes it has become apparent that it was installed incorrectly, or even installed in houses which were not suitable for cavity wall insulation in the first place. A key indicator of this is damp and/or mould inside your property. You may not have linked these problems to the installation of the cavity wall insulation but these problems could be being caused by the very thing you had installed to improve your home. If this is the case then you may be able to claim damages to allow you to have the insulation removed and have the property repaired if necessary.

You may think that there isn't anything you can do if you didn't pay for the cavity wall insulation. This is incorrect and you are still able to bring a claim if the installation is faulty or the property wasn't suitable for cavity wall insulation regardless of whether you paid any money towards the installation. 

So what is needed to prove you have a claim? It is advisable that an expert report is obtained from a chartered surveyor in order to determine the cause of any damp/mould issues in your property and to clarify whether they are linked to the cavity wall insulation installation. If the expert is able to link the issues to the cavity wall insulation then you may have a claim against the installer, funder, or even the Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency (CIGA) if the work was guaranteed by them.

At Stephensons we are able to review all of the documents relating to your case, under no obligation, and advise whether you are likely to have a claim. We can also assist moving forward and there a various funding options available, including no win no fee arrangements in some cases.