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Dispute over Elizabeth Taylor's inheritance

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A dispute has arisen over a share of the multi-million pound estate left by the deceased actress Elizabeth Taylor.
The actress left £50,000 of her estate to her former husband in order to provide for his care in his current state of ill health. However his two sisters are arguing over which of them should be appointed as his guardian and thus have control of his financial and legal affairs.
The dispute follows much wrangling and arguing amongst her family about her impending inheritance prior to her death and highlights the vital importance of having a valid will in place to provide legally enforceable directions at a time when the testator can no longer speak for themselves.
At the same time as creating a will, it is also a good idea to have a Lasting Power of Attorney professionally drafted. This document enables a person to appoint one or more individuals to handle their property, finances and welfare matters when they no longer have the capacity to do so themselves. It will not come into effect until it has been endorsed and confirmed by the Court of Protection.
Disputes often arise in families in relation to such things, sometimes even before someone has passed away. You can dispute both the validity of someone’s Will, or a Power of Attorney that they may have signed, if you think that it is not valid for some reason.
If you think you may be able to bring a claim, you should contact our specialist litigation team who deal with inheritance disputes and contesting Wills on 01616 966 229. If you are of limited financial means, you may even be entitled to Legal Aid, and we can advise you of this quickly over the phone.
By contesting Wills and probate solicitor, Heather Korwin-Szymanowska