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Does your credit card always provide you with protection?

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When paying for an expensive item many people like to have added protection if something goes wrong.  Due to this people often use a credit card when purchasing high priced goods.

The reason for this is because s. 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 allows people to hold their card provider jointly liable if anything goes wrong.  This added protection is given on items costing between £100 - £30,000.

As the price of living increases many people use the internet to try to get items at a cheaper cost.  Due to this more people are using their credit cards to buy goods online rather than in shops.  One popular place to shop online is the Amazon Marketplace. 

The Amazon Marketplace provides a venue for people to buy and sell goods online.  People pay money to Amazon for their goods and Amazon then pass this money onto the retailer.

This new way of shopping may be saving people money but it has recently become apparent that they are losing out on the protection that the Consumer Credit Act 1974 usually provides.  The protection provided by s. 75 is rendered invalid because Amazon takes the money from consumers, deducts their commission and then passes it to the retailer.

This means that buyer’s should always be aware that paying by their credit card does not always mean they will have added protection.

By Alysia Wilde

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