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HIPs banned - will this help separating couples?

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The New Coalition Government has now announced that Home Information Packs (HIPs) are to be banned and they have been suspended from 21st May 2010. Therefore, no properties being marketed for sale after this date have to pay for a HIP. It is hoped that the removal of HIPs will lead to more properties being placed on the market for sale and will invigorate the housing market. Communities Secretary Eric Pickles and Housing Minister Grant Shapps said HIPs were “stifling” the property market and the move would avoid uncertainty and prevent a slump in the housing market.
I often speak to people who are going through the difficult process of a relationship breakdown and they have said to me in the past that they want to move out but couldn't afford to get the house on the market and can't afford to rent whilst being tied into the mortgage on the cohabitated property. I hope that this move will mean that those people can now get their properties onto the market and move on with their lives.  If your partner doesn't agree that the property should be sold, what should happen to the proceeds or even that you are entitled to anything from the property then you should seek legal advice.
Stephensons Solicitors LLP can advise you on a variety of ways of dealing with your property. That may be by simply registering your interest with the Land Registry (if the property is in your ex-partner’s sole name), by reaching a documented agreement with your ex-partner or taking the issue to the Courts for them to make an Order how the property should be dealt with.
By consumer executive, Gillian Lavelle