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Bedroom-tax hit tenants offered free egg

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I remember hearing about this a few weeks ago but never quite got round to blogging about it. However, this story just goes to show how misunderstood the bedroom tax can be and so it is important to draw attention to it.

At Easter time this year, Valleys 2 Coast, a Bridgend-based housing association, made the decision to offer tenants who had paid their bedroom tax without fail since it's introduction in April 2013 a free Cadbury's Crème Egg worth around 60 pence each.

A letter was sent by the housing association to eligible tenants advising them that they could come and pick up their free Crème Egg by attending at the main office during the month of April. Unfortunately, what the housing association failed to realise is that for some tenants this would amount to a £6.00 bus fare in order to collect their 60 pence treat in return for effectively losing pounds and pounds each month in benefits as a result of the bedroom tax which has been implemented.

The bedroom tax has affected the most vulnerable in our society. Tenants who were already living on the edge are now living off less and for many the bedroom tax is leading to possession proceedings. Incentives such as free Crème Eggs will hardly make up for the losses that many have suffered due to this badly thought out tax on those with the least in our society.

If you are facing possession proceedings due to the bedroom tax or any other reason then it is important that you seek expert legal advice as soon as possible as you may be able to avoid losing your home.

By Kate Hancock, housing law solicitor

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