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Tameside Hospital staff care 'inadequate'

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The Manchester Evening News has recently reported that a 12-year-old girl with cerebral palsy died just 16 hours after being admitted to Tameside Hospital.

Emma Stones was admitted with flu-like symptoms but died hours later due to blood poisoning.

The inquest into her death heard that staff failed to monitor her, complete important checks and maintain Emma’s medical notes.

A Stockport Coroner ruled that there had been catalogue of errors made by medical staff and their lack of observations were described at the inquest as ‘appalling.’

Emma passed away on 7th February 2011 and her father was informed when he attended the hospital to visit her at 8.30am that day. Her father was told that she had just passed away however; he confirmed she was ‘ice cold’ and showed signs of rigor mortis.

Emma’s parents are now considering taking legal action against the Hospital as an expert witness at the Inquest stated it was possible that Emma would have survived if her symptoms had been recognised and treated on the evening before she died.

Tameside Hospital’s medical director expressed his condolences to Emma’s family during this difficult time. He acknowledged that the standard of care provided to Emma was not acceptable and there were errors of judgement made by individual members of staff. He sought to reassure patients and their families and confirmed that the hospital has taken every possible step to prevent a re-occurrence.

By clinical negligence specialist, Sarah Fairclough