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Swine flu cases in the North highlight clinical negligence issues

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The recent swine flu deaths of two hospital patients, one in St Helens and one in Liverpool, has brought the whole question of clinical care back into the news. While there is no suggestion that either of them died as a result of clinical negligence, it’s worth pointing out that this is an important area of work for legal specialists.
For people who have been injured as a result of clinical negligence, whether temporarily, permanently or fatally, seeking compensation through the legal system is a necessity. The sudden loss of earnings, for example, as well as the cost of care and recuperation, can be difficult for victims and their families to cope with, so it’s important to seek the highest possible financial award.
Clinical negligence compensation awards
In 2009, a Midlands man was awarded more than £3 million after a misdiagnosis failed to spot that he was suffering from meningitis. In the same year, a woman in a Birmingham hospital had part of her leg amputated after doctors wrongly told her she had cancer. She was awarded a six figure sum in compensation.
Perhaps the most upsetting clinical negligence cases are those that involve children. In many of them, the financial awards reflect the fact that the victim is so young, and has their whole life left to live. An example of this was in 2008, when a 12-year-old boy who was starved of oxygen at birth was awarded over £5 million in compensation.
At Stephensons, we have experience of pursuing clinical negligence claims on behalf of victims and their families. Our experts have achieved substantial awards for clients and have in depth knowledge of the process and its complexities. If you feel you have a case, call our specialists as soon as possible: 01616 966 229.
By clinical negligence Partner, Judith Thomas-Whittingham