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Grow old gracefully? No thanks!

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Studies have shown that “silver surgery” is booming as the older generation prove that looking good is not just for the young. 
Rather than the usual image we associate with an OAP of grey hair, twin set and pearls or a flat cap, it appears they are now coming out of their corners with the gloves on to fight back the years in order to paint a new image for the more mature generation.
Recent surveys have shown that over 15% of botox patients are aged 60 years and over and as well as hitting the botox, the number of female OAPs indulging in dermal fillers, breast implants and facelifts has increased by a third in just the last few years.
So what’s the cause of this? Dr Simon Withey of London Plastic Surgery Associates comments that, "Patients of 60 are not elderly; they are still active, many work and most are medically very fit, which means patients' self-esteem, aspirations and expectations are greater." 
And with gorgeous grannies such as Helen Mirren and Jane Seymour plastered in magazines and on our television screens, more and more of the older generation are making the comparison and heading to the surgeon’s table. The increasing amount of disposable income this age group seem to have is enabling them to do this and many are taking the view that it makes more financial sense to invest in a cosmetic procedure then it does to spend a fortune on creams, lotions and potions that make little difference by comparison. 
However, the over 60s should be warned that whilst surgery at that age is an option for a younger looking appearance, the prospect of surgery also brings with it a greater possibility of complications and the results can be less reliable. The success of surgery among the over 60s depends on the thickness and elasticity of the skin, as well as the person’s general health. As with all surgery, it is absolutely essential that potential patients are equipped with all the necessary details in order to make a fully informed decision. Without a good surgeon with the patient’s safety as the main priority, many people over 60s heading for cosmetic surgery are at risk of a disappointing aesthetic outcome or worse, the risk of never leaving the surgeon’s table at all. 
At Stephensons, we have unfortunately seen many clients over the years that have suffered negligent treatment when undergoing cosmetic procedures. Whether the procedures were carried out privately, on the NHS or even the more minor procedures carried out by beauty therapists, we have helped our clients by obtaining compensation for the injuries they have suffered. 
If you, a friend or a member of your family has suffered with anything similar, our specialist team of clinical negligence solicitors is on hand to assist you so please contact them today on 01616 966 229.