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Shocking inspection results from private hospital

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Shocking inspection results from a local private hospital

The CQC has recently published a damning report on the Oaklands Private Hospital in Manchester. Two senior managers have lost their jobs following a Care Quality Commission report which branded the hospital as “inadequate” and states that patients were “at substantial risk of harm” during surgery.

Unbelievably, the inspection revealed that it was routine for anaesthetists to leave the operating theatre during operations for toilet breaks, meal breaks and even to watch television.

The hospital treats both NHS and private-paying patients for a range of surgical treatment including knee and hip replacements, cosmetic, cardiac and bariatric surgery. During these operations, it is vital that an anaesthetist is present to ensure the patient’s safety whilst they are “under the knife”. The anaesthetist is obviously there so that the correct level of medication is provided so that the patient is adequately sedated but also in case of any more serious and rare complications such as a cardiac or respiratory arrest. Worryingly, the report found that most operating theatre staff were not trained to look after patients should they suffer such a complication.  

In response, the hospital has assured patients that they are committed to rectifying all the problems found in October of last year and that significant improvements have been made.