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Relative of Nye Bevan died as a result of "neglect" by NHS trusts

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The blood scandal inquiry

A case before the Coroner’s Court has recently been reported in the press because, as a result of mistakes by two hospital trusts, the great-nephew of NHS founder, Nye Bevan, passed away.

The evidence before the coroner was that Mr Bevan was not informed that he had lung cancer and he did not have the opportunity to undergo the stereotactic ablative radiotherapy required which was expected to cure him of the disease. As a result of failure to provide radiology treatment, Mr Bevan died in May 2018.

This case has made headlines as Mr Bevan’s great-uncle was Labour MP Nye Bevan, who is often referred to as the “father of the NHS”. Sadly ironic, the trusts involved in this case have offered their apologies and reassured the coroner that now any patient with suspected cancer is included on a daily list to ensure that the communication of their diagnosis and subsequent treatment is not missed. The coroner’s finding was death by natural causes contributed to by neglect as there were a number of opportunities for clinicians to inform Mr Bevan of his diagnosis and arrange for curative treatment.