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Implanon contraceptive - negligent doctors face legal action

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Since the introduction of Implanon in the UK in 1999, it has been revealed that 584 women using this had become pregnant, according to The Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Service.
As a result of the incorrect administration of the Implanon device, many women have had to make hard decisions including undergoing terminations, scarring and in some cases, have resulted in psychological damage.
Recent investigations show that it is the method of insertion that is under criticism. The implant maker, MSD, has stated "If the implant is not inserted in accordance with the instructions and on the correct day, this may result in an unintended pregnancy. In addition, no contraceptive is 100% effective.” Obviously, attempting to defend this notion.
The NHS has already paid compensation of £118,000 to nine women who have suffered in some way as a result of the use of Implanon.
The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) have stated that the use of Implanon remains under close review and even goes so far as to suggest women who may be concerned about their implant should contact their GP or Implanon provider.
We have dealt with a number of cases with similar facts to the above, regarding various methods of contraception. If you have suffered with a similar issue and would like some advice in pursuing a claim, our team of clinical negligence specialists are happy to help. Please contact our team on 01616 966 229.
By clinical negligence graduate paralegal, Stacy Albrighton