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Dying to be young

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A recent survey on 1,000 young girls worryingly reveals that nearly 50% of teenagers would consider undergoing invasive surgery to improve their looks.


Whilst the figures are not altogether surprising given today’s unrealistic perception of perfection, my concern is that many young girls may be rushing into cosmetic surgery without fully considering all of their options and without being fully aware of the risks associated with cosmetic surgery and the consequences should it go wrong.


I personally have dealt with a number of cases where cosmetic surgery has been performed to a less than reasonable standard and the effects have been devastating, often leaving patients physically scarred for life. In most cases, corrective treatment is required which can often be much more expensive than the initial treatment.


I would therefore advise anybody who is considering undergoing cosmetic surgery to consider the risks associated with the surgery and the consequences should it go wrong, before deciding whether to go ahead.


At Stephensons we have a team of clinical negligence solicitors and we would encourage anyone who may have received poor cosmetic surgery to contact us for advice.


By clinical negligence solicitor, Claire Stockley