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Duty of care breach

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Elaine and Steve Cooper thanked hospital staff at Salford Royal by writing to them to express their gratitude for caring for Elaine’s mother, Marion Sampler, aged 80.

They were led to believe that Elaine’s mother had died from natural causes at Salford Royal Hospital. However, the truth was unveiled during an inquest when it was revealed that Marion Sampler died when she was mistakenly given food and drink by hospital staff whilst on a strict nil-by-mouth regime.

As a consequence of this negligent act by hospital staff, the food and drink went into Marion Sampler’s lungs causing her to suffer from pneumonia which sadly proved to be fatal.

Unfortunately, this is another example of unacceptable failure in basic care by hospital staff. It is clear that Marion’s care fell below acceptable standards and Salford Royal Hospital have admitted that Marion Sampler’s death was caused by a breach of duty of care.