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Going abroad for cheaper cosmetic surgery

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More and more people are going abroad to have cosmetic surgery as undoubtedly one of the main reasons for going abroad is because it is cheaper. Top plastic surgeons have warned that people who go abroad for cosmetic operations are putting their health and looks at risk.
Claudia Seye Adeotimi flew to the US to have a cosmetic procedure to enhance the shape of her bottom. She died in hospital after she received a cosmetic injection in her buttocks in a hotel room. It is thought that an unlicensed practitioner injected her with liquid silicone, which is more often used for building work.
So just how can anyone who travels oversees to have cosmetic surgery be sure what is being done to them is safe? 
As cosmetic procedures such as bottom augmentation is becoming more popular with women in the UK, they are seeking to have these procedures abroad or will go as far as buying treatment such as silicone injections on the black market to administer them at home. This silicone injection is banned in the UK and plastic surgeons will not use these injections because of the risks associated with them.
Paul Harris, Plastic Surgery Consultant at the Royal Marsden Hospital in London states that "anyone wishing to have a cosmetic procedure should check the credentials of the company and unit offering the treatment...Despite recent changes in regulation there are still patients who take part in medical tourism and go outside the UK".
There are an increasing number of claims from women who are left disappointed and, in some instances, badly injured by botched cosmetic surgery in foreign countries. Patients who go abroad leave themselves vulnerable if anything goes wrong. You will have no proper legal rights as you will have to sue the foreign surgeon or clinic which gets very complicated. In the UK you have legal procedures to help you seek advice on compensation. Chasing someone abroad is much harder and you have far less legal cover than at home.
If you believe you have suffered from cosmetic treatment which has fallen below a reasonable standard of care and would like some advice on pursuing such an action please contact our team of clinical negligence solicitors on 01616 966 229.