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My big fat surgery prize draw... what's on your shopping list?

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It was reported in the national news yesterday that a company has been raffling off cosmetic surgery procedures in a monthly prize draw. But is a nip/tuck or a breast enlargement really something which should be trivialised in such a way?
Transpire Cosmetic Surgery along with U’Luvka vodka company have been holding monthly events across the UK and the latest controversial event is a £4,000 cosmetic surgery lottery with runner up prizes of Botox and fillers.
Admission to the event cost £25 and was accompanied with a free entry into the lottery, however it has caused an outcry amongst specialists in the field who are calling for a ban on such prize draws.
The President of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (Baaps) has also called on the Care Quality Commission to review the licensing of such facilities as he believes they are abusing the trust of their patients. 
Baaps offer general safety guidelines for anyone considering aesthetic plastic surgery which includes researching the background and experience of their chosen surgeon as well as ensuring they know the limitations and possible adverse effects of the surgery.
Promoter of the event, Sarah Burge, who is nicknamed the ‘Human Barbie’ after having the most cosmetic procedures in the world explained she aimed to ‘make plastic surgery available to everyone.’
However, undergoing cosmetic surgery is a serious life changing decision, not to be taken lightly and the winner of the lottery prize draw may not have had the opportunity to think about the seriousness of surgery and any risks associated with it. 
We deal with cases where people have considered their options and made informed decisions about undergoing cosmetic surgery however, they have still been subject to an injury arising out of clinical negligence. If you have suffered with a similar issue and would like some advice in pursuing a claim, our team of clinical negligence specialists are happy to help. Please contact our team on 01616 966 229.
By Sarah Fairclough