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Steven Jones

Travelling abroad this summer

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As the low-lying blanket of white cloud cleared, I caught sight of the majestic beauty of the Alps through the window of my plane. Stretching almost endlessly across the horizon, the snow-covered mountain range, separating Southern Europe from Central and...

Sun Awareness Week 2019: 6th-12th May

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Sun Awareness Week takes place this between 6th - 12th May 2019 and is designed to raise awareness of skin care and taking the necessary precautions when out and about. It’s a particularly sobering subject and perhaps one that...

Your car and the environment

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So, picture the scene. Here I am, at the start of a glorious March day. By day, I mean the early hours after the sun has barely had chance to cast it’s grand hairline above the horizon. Two friends and myself headed to the...