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Why it is necessary to obtain the name of the at-fault driver in a road traffic accident

  • Posted

A recent ruling in the Supreme Court illustrates the significant importance of obtaining the name and address of the driver of a vehicle which causes a road traffic accident, as if you do not , you may not be able to issue proceedings to recover...

The Civil Liability Bill - third reading

  • Posted

From its creation, the Civil Liability Bill, which seeks to reform the claims process for soft tissue injuries arising from road traffic accidents , has made rapid progress through the Houses of Parliament and had its third reading on 23 rd October 2018....

More consumer protection for mix-and-match holidaymakers

  • Posted

You may be aware that people booking traditional package holidays from a tour operator have cover, both financial and legal in the unlikely event something goes wrong. This type of cover transfers the risk to the tour operator to sort things out like...

MEP's call for improved car safety standards

  • Posted

The European Parliament's Transport Committee has called for improved safety standards in new vehicles via a non-binding resolution such as automated emergency braking systems and seatbelt reminder warnings for all seats rather than just front seat...

Time limits for accident abroad claims

  • Posted

If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in a road traffic accident in a foreign country, it is vital you bear in mind the time period applicable to that country for you to bring your claim. The term limitation period refers to the time period you...

Dead parrot is no joke for the MOD

  • Posted

A Parrot owner received £2,200 compensation because his pet parrot died when a low-flying RAF Hercules jet flew over his home, with the loud engine noise causing the bird to become startled and sadly die. The MOD often pays 'reasonable...