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Rachel Benett

Moving to a new country with your child after separation

  • Posted

As the world emerges from the Covid-19 pandemic, opportunities to relocate overseas are becoming a reality again. For some, the opportunity could arise from a transfer through work, others may have always had dreams of moving abroad, and others may wish to...

Allegations of abuse in an early years setting - what should you do?

  • Posted

It is every nursery or childminder’s worst nightmare for a child they care for to become unwell or to be injured. It is even more stressful to find yourself involved in investigations about alleged abuse of a child. In cases of...

Coronavirus and children in care or care proceedings

  • Posted

With the current health crisis, and government guidance about what we should be doing to stay safe constantly updating, it is a very stressful and uncertain time for everyone. Parents, family members and children in care or involved in court proceedings...