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Matthew Smith

What happens to land held on trust when the trustee has been dissolved?

  • Posted

A trust of land is when the legal title of a piece of land is held by one party, the trustee, on behalf of another party, who has the ultimate beneficial interest, known as the beneficiary. Depending on the circumstances under which the trust arose, the...

Why should landlords instruct a solicitor to evict tenants?

  • Posted

The procedure for evicting a residential tenant in England & Wales is a prescribed process. The aim of the process is to make it accessible for laypeople. With this in mind, why should a landlord, whether that be someone who has evicted tenants before,...

A warning to landlords - can the death of a guarantor bring a guarantee to an end?

  • Posted

The general rule under the principles of contract law is that the death of a party to a contract does not automatically discharge the contract. This includes guarantee agreements, though specific rules can exist for such agreements, and it is possible for...

Electrical safety standards for residential landlords

  • Posted

The Electrical Safety Standards in the Private Rented Sector (England) Regulations 2020 imposed new obligations on private landlords of residential properties . The regulations came into force on 1 June 2020 and they have applied to all new tenancies from...

Commercial forfeiture restrictions extended

  • Posted

On 16 June 2021, the government announced that the restrictions on commercial forfeiture for unpaid rent arrears has been extended until 25 March 2022. The restrictions, which have been in place since 26 March 2020, were due to be lifted on 30 June 2021....