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Intestacy rules update - what does this means for you?

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In England and Wales two thirds of people pass away each year without having made a Will. It may be the case that some people just don’t get around to it, some may not realise that getting married can revoke a previous Will. S ome people presume...

The use of lasting powers of attorney in issues with property

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With a large increase in the number of instructions to prepare lasting powers of attorneys (LPA) for our clients we are often called upon by our colleagues in the residential conveyancing department to provide them with help and guidance on their...

Are we facing a dementia crisis and if so how can we plan for it?

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It is widely thought that the UK is heading towards a dementia crisis with millions of people failing to take steps to prepare for losing mental capacity, a solicitors organisation has warned. A recent report by Solicitors for the Elderly warns that...

5 reasons why you should update your Will

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Once you have prepared your Will, it is easy and natural to then put this to the back of your mind. However, life events occur that may mean you need to reflect and make changes to your Will otherwise it may not be in line with your new circumstances. ...

Care costs 'more than half of home value' according to study

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Concerns about paying for residential care are nothing new. However, with more of us living into old age than ever before and increasing numbers of alzheimer’s and dementia diagnoses in old age, the prospect of making financial plans to pay for care...