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Gemma Wilson

Asda lose first stage of appeal in Supreme Court equal pay case

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In a decision which could cost the supermarket giant millions of pounds, Asda has lost the first stage in its appeal to the Supreme Court in a landmark equal pay case. On 26 March 2021, the Supreme Court upheld the findings of the Employment Tribunal...

Sex discrimination update - landlord evicts new mums

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It doesn’t seem too long ago that infamous landlord Fergus Wilson was in the news for banning so-called ‘coloured tenants’ from renting properties as he alleged that they left a ‘curry smell’ in the properties. At the time,...

Police dog handler awarded £15,000 after fitness test deemed discriminatory

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It has been reported that in January 2018, a Gloucestershire police dog handler was awarded almost £15,000 by an employment tribunal after failing a fitness test, which she alleged was discriminatory towards women. Although she remained employed by...