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Declan Gilroy

Another possible way of holding a company director liable

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It is established law that a limited company is a separate legal entity to an individual shareholder or director even if she or he owns the majority of the shares in the company and runs the company on a day to day basis. However section 6 of the Statute of...

Banking Reform Act 2013, a good idea with poor implementation

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On 7 March of this year, section 36 of the Financial Services (Banking Reform) Act 2013 came into force. It was designed to make senior employees of a financial institution liable if their decisions caused the business to fail or they failed to take steps...

Chasing business debt and proposed pre-action protocol for debt claims

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Are you staying on top of people who owe money to your business? Providing products and services on credit is something suppliers offer to their customers and which is widely taken for granted. You will probably have incurred costs to deliver what...