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Cameron Stubbs

Brexit - prepare your business to import goods from the EU to the UK

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Currently, as the United Kingdom is a member of the European Union, organisations and individuals who are importing goods from an EU member state are not required to pay certain charges. These charges include import duties and taxes. This is a result of...

Joe Colliver races at Cheltenham despite court hearing for drink driving

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Jockey, Joe Colliver, has been recently charged with drink driving and was due to attend Harrogate Magistrates Court on 14th March 2019. However, also on the 14th March 2019, Joe Colliver was due to ride ‘Sam Spinner’ in the 15:30 race on...

How did Premier League footballer Samir Nasri avoid a ban when driving at twice the legal speed limit?

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For a long time there has been a myth in this area of law, that an individual will be automatically disqualified from driving if caught over 100mph. However, the recent case involving Premier League footballer Samir Nasri, shows that even when driving...