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Andrew Whitehead

How will changes to the legal aid system affect domestic abuse victims who are also private renters?

  • Posted

On 17 October 2022, the government announced an extra £10 million a year will be invested into Legal Aid to ensure this will be accessible to more people. The focus of this extra support is the use of new Domestic Abuse Protection Notices and...

Tenants seek 'bills included' homes as energy costs rise

  • Posted

All-inclusive rents are rising on the list of search terms amongst people looking for somewhere to live, according to property portal Rightmove. The phrase “bills included’ is second on the list of searches that have been made, reflecting the...

No fault evictions ban - Renters Reform Bill update

  • Posted

In August 2022, the Renters Reform Bill was published confirming that private landlords will no longer be able to evict tenants at the end of their tenancy without giving a good legal reason or without providing a longer notice period. This...

Commercial rent arrears recovery

  • Posted

The last 2 years have been economically challenging for many businesses including landlords of commercial premises. There has been significant changes and differing measures in place in relation to the recovery of unpaid rent by tenants. During the...

New rules and procedures for landlords regarding eviction

  • Posted

The suspension to possession proceedings in England & Wales is due to be lifted on 20 September 2020. For landlords that are waiting for proceedings to resume, or landlords that wish to begin the eviction process, there are now new rules and procedures...

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Impact on possession claims

  • Posted

The government has announced that it will be taking emergency measures to suspend new evictions from private or social rented accommodation during the coronavirus outbreak. It is anticipated that there will be a ban on new possession proceeding...