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Safe Assist - fixed price health & safety services

Safe AssistSafe Assist removes the time and everyday headaches of being an employer. From structuring health and safety policies to documenting company procedures, the service gives you all the tools you need to become a safe practice employer.

With an understanding of your business, we create a tailored health and safety solution. One that in the process creates an environment more likely to lead to increased staff commitment and improved productivity.

The benefits don’t stop there. We keep you up-to-date with the latest legislation and its impact on your business. By having a management system in place you will be able to pro-actively plan and improve your workplace systems, making your business work more efficiently and in return more profitable.


Safe Assist provides a comprehensive range of health and safety services that combines health and safety knowledge, experience and expertise to assist you with your health and safety moral and legal obligations for continual improvement. For you as a business we know that you have all the resources you need to successfully implement a health and safety management system to help you proactively manage your risks to health, safety and welfare.

At Stephensons, we provide the competency as required by the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations and also offer a unique service which will benefit you and your business in meeting your health and safety needs and inspire you to proactively plan for other parts of your business.

Core benefits
Supports you in ensuring compliance, managing risk and giving you solid foundations to safeguard and improve the health, safety and welfare of your employees and other people affected by your business. Helping you secure the well being of your entire business in a simple and effective way.

Whether just starting up or up and running in business for a while, this service will provide the advice and information you need to ensure peace of mind. We pride ourselves in offering a unique service to help you through the implementation of health and safety using a simple but effective approach which can be used in any part of your business.

A few of the services available include:

  • A bespoke health and safety audit of your business activities
  • A prioritised action plan
  • Employer health and safety policy and handbook
  • Employee health and safety handbook
  • Health and safety templates
  • Access to a designated specialist health and safety consultant for advice and guidance
  • Advice and representation for defence to health and safety prosecutions in civil and criminal proceedings
  • Crisis management

All round support

Most businesses recognise that health and safety in the workplace is of paramount importance. But in an ever changing landscape, implementing the necessary infrastructure to maintain best practice for health and safety is difficult for all but the very biggest employers. This leaves businesses in real danger of exposing themselves to unnecessary financial risk by failing to ensure the health and safety of their employees and those affected by the activities of the business.

Fortunately help is at hand. Backed by the resources and experience of a top 100 UK law firm, Safe Assist offers a single source of health and safety advice, implementation and protection for every aspect of the workplace.

We can also prepare your case and represent you in court or tribunal - a source of comfort in view of the growing ‘compensation culture’.

Six good reasons to find out more...

  • Your employees will benefit from the service
  • It will save you time and worry
  • It will give you clear direction and control of risks
  • You’ll be able to budget easily, no hidden costs
  • It will help you manage your work force for continued long term success
  • It could help you win business

Packages available

To ensure you have the right kind of health and safety procedures in place for your business we have made Safe Assist available in a number different packages, for more information on any of these please contact us on 01616 966 229.

Pulse check
For those who want to have a general overview of how health and safety applies to their business and what action they need to take. An employer handbook and a suite of health and safety forms to help get started.

Up & coming
For those who want a more in-depth feedback on their current health and safety management system and are looking for a comprehensive bespoke approach for advice, feedback, documentation to suit the needs of their business. An employer handbook, employee handbook and a suite of forms to suit the business.

Up & running
For those who already have a health and safety management system in place and will benefit from a working partnership to ensure that all the requirements of the existing system are met. Coaching and advice to assist the business with the overall management strategy and also departmental and individual objectives and goals.

Additional services
To help you meet your action plan we offer a range of health and safety training and a unique coaching service, which you can use with your health and safety plan and apply it to any part of your business for continual improvement.