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Our specialist consumer rights solicitors have extensive experience resolving disputes and can help you find the most efficient cost effective solutions to your consumer disputes; whether you've been sold a faulty car or caravan, or if your washing machine has stopped working after a few months. For more information on your consumer rights call our experts on 0203 816 9314.

We offer fixed price advice with 30 minute appointments available for £150 with specialist advisers.

The legislation that applies to your case will depend on when you bought the product. If the product was bought before the 1st October 2015, the Sale of Goods Act 1979 applies. If you bought it on or after the 1st October 2015, then the Consumer Rights Act 2015 applies. 

If you purchased the product using credit, i.e. under a loan agreement or using a credit card, then you may also have additional protection under S.75 Consumer Credit Act 1974 (if at least £100 was financed on credit), which can give you a route to resolve your issues through your lender, and the financial ombudsman, if the seller will not cooperate.

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Sale of Goods Act 1979

This Act provides you with statutory rights. These rights mean that the item you buy must be of satisfactory quality and fit for purpose. The item also has to comply with the description you were given when it was sold to you.

If these rights are breached, then you may have a claim against the seller or supplier. This can sometimes mean that you are entitled to reject the goods and a full refund, however this must be done as soon as possible or you could lose the right to reject, and may then only be entitled to damages, repair or replacement of the product.

Consumer Rights Act 2015

The Consumer Rights Act was brought in to re-codify existing consumer protection legislation, and to give consumers additional rights and protections when entering into contracts. It also created new provisions to deal with the purchase of digital content. The main elements of a contract must now be transparent and prominent, as oppose to merely legible.

The same statutory rights that exist under the Sale of Goods Act, in relation to satisfactory quality, fitness for purpose, and compliance with description, still apply under the new Act.

Whereas under the Sale of Goods Act there was no specified time limit to reject an item, the Consumer Rights Act 2015 has created a specific 30 day right to reject. The 30 day period runs from the date that the Consumer takes ownership of, or delivery of, the product.  If during the 30 day period, you allow the seller to repair or replace the product, the 30 day period is then paused until that repair or replacement has been completed. Once the waiting period has then finished, you will then either have 7 days, or the remainder of the 30 day period (whichever is longer) in which you can still exercise the right to reject, if you still have issues with the product.

Small claims

If your claim is for less than £10,000, then it will be a small claim. Whilst this is still something we can advise you on, you are not generally entitled to recover your legal costs in a small claim, even if you win your case. We do offer a variety of fixed fee services for the initial stages of a small claims dispute, to help you manage the costs. You should read our small claims guide for more information on these types of claims.

If you are involved in a consumer dispute please call us on 0203 816 9314 or complete our online enquiry form and a member of our specialist team will contact you.

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