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Deregistration from Sex Offender Register

The law relating to sexual offender registration requirements changed in 2012 following the decision of the Supreme Court in the case of F in which we acted for the claimant. 

Individuals who are subject to indefinite registration (those who have been convicted and sentenced to 30 months imprisonment or more) can now apply for a review of whether they need to remain subject to SOR requirements once they have been on the register for 15 years (8 years in the case of a person under 18 at first registration).

The minimum time (15 or 8 years) runs from the date of conviction. An application can only be made if there is no Sexual Harm Prevention Order (SHPO) in force. If there is, we can advise on this issue separately, but a discharge application would need to be considered as SOR requirements will continue to run whilst a SHPO is in existence.

Sexual offenceSentenceRegistration requirement
Conviction - imprisonment30 months or moreIndefinite
Conviction - imprisonment+6 months but less than 30 months10 years
Conviction - imprisonmentLess than 6 months7 years
Conviction - hospital admissionNon restricted7 years
Cautioned 2 years
ConvictedConditional dischargeLength of CD
Any other description 5 years
Subject to Sexual Health Prevention Order Length of order

The team have experience of making applications for discharge or amendment of an SHPO which is the sole reason why indefinite SOR requirements continue. There has been a practice of indefinite SHPO’s being made which exceed a fixed period of SOR requirements from the sentence imposed. In effect these artificially extend the SOR requirements and have been criticised by the courts

The police will consider the risk to the public and whether it is necessary for the applicant to remain on the register for the purpose of protecting the public or any particular members of the public from sexual harm.

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Deregistration applications - sex offender register

We offer sensitive and confidential advice on these issues including an initial assessment as to whether there are sufficient prospects to make an application, or whether it may be better to allow further time to pass before making an application.

We can then assist with drafting representations to the relevant police force to highlight the relevant issues that need to be considered and assist the decision maker in progressing the application.

Where necessary we can advise on the appeals procedure and arrange representation at court.

Our team have a high success rate and have been thanked by multiple police forces for their assistance in providing concise representations highlighting the relevant issues for consideration.

We have drawn up a fixed price scheme for this advice to work on a stage by stage basis through the process.

For more information in relation to any aspect of this please complete our online enquiry form or call us on 0161 696 6159.

1.Initial case assessment£250 plus VAT
 or written initial advice£350 plus VAT
2.Considering need for further evidence and advise on the prospects of application£550 plus VAT
3.Preparing presentations for de-registration£850 plus VAT
 Expert instruction (if required)£500 plus VAT and expert fee as quoted
4.Advise on appeal£750 plus VAT
5.Representation at Magistrates on appeal Dependant on case

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