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Sarah Boustouller - Why Stephensons?

Sarah BoustoullerSarah is a Partner (non solicitor) and the Marketing Director at Stephensons.

Why did you choose a career at Stephensons?

I chose a career at Stephensons because, at the time, I was employed by a reputable firm in the professional services sector, and Stephensons held a strong reputation. Upon reviewing the job description, I believed that the knowledge I had acquired in my sector could be applied to the legal field. The job description appealed to me due to its clear and accessible language, outlining the role and responsibilities comprehensively. Additionally, the firm's diverse range of services caught my interest, offering varied opportunities for marketing strategies tailored to each service area. During the interview process, conducted by a panel, I sensed the firm's dedication to effectively marketing its services, evident in the investment of time from the interviewing panel. The firm's innovative and forward-thinking approach aligned with my aspirations for advancing marketing strategies. Furthermore, Stephensons demonstrated a willingness to invest in my growth, entrusting me with the autonomy to develop a stand-alone position, establish a team, and collaborate with agencies. This assurance indicated that I would have the necessary resources to deliver measurable returns on investment.

What is the best thing about your job?

The best aspect of my job is the people within the firm and my team. Their commitment and support have been pivotal during the time at the firm. The firm's leadership transparently communicates its strategic vision, fostering a culture of trust and collaboration. Colleagues are dedicated to assisting one another, striving for optimal outcomes. Within my team, each member specialises in their respective areas, displaying proactivity, amiability, and cohesion to achieve notable results. All members of the marketing team surpass five years of service, which is uncommon in marketing roles. This means we have an in-depth knowledge of the Stephensons its services and the clients we work for. Throughout the firm, there is a collective effort to confront challenges, exemplifying a culture of unity that consistently drives positive change.

Why would you recommend a career at Stephensons?

I would recommend a career at Stephensons for several reasons. Firstly, the firm embraces alternative pathways to qualification, promoting inclusivity. Moreover, Stephensons actively supports the communities it serves through both financial contributions and volunteering in terms of time. During my time here, I have received support to attain fellowship with the Chartered Institute of Marketing and earned certifications in digital marketing, including CMDP and AI qualifications, to remain abreast of industry advancements. The firm's core value of support extends beyond professional development, as I am enabled to fulfil my voluntary role as a Trustee for a foundation, aiding numerous charities annually. Additionally, the firm's flexible and agile working arrangements facilitate a balanced work-life dynamic, which is crucial to me.

Describe Stephensons in three words:

Empathetic, approachable, and professional.