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Kay Beaver - Why Stephensons?

Kay BeaverKay is a PA in our medical negligence department. 

Why did you choose a career at Stephensons?

As a new mum, the thought of returning to the workforce after a career break to raise my twins was daunting. I knew that finding the right job, one that would allow me to balance my family responsibilities while also pursuing a fulfilling career, would be a challenge. My husband suggested I consider Stephensons, a place he had spoken fondly about from his own experience. His support and encouragement were instrumental in my decision to contact Stephensons, a decision I believe was the best for me and my family.

What is the best thing about your job?

The best part of my role is it allows me to engage in a wide spectrum of projects that I find fulfilling. My role constantly challenges me to acquire new skills and take on fresh responsibilities, keeping me motivated and engaged. As a personal assistant I have fostered strong relationships with my colleagues and means I work closely with my boss on a daily basis, we have built a relationship of trust, enabling me to approach her with any matter. The sense of value and appreciation I receive in this role fuels my enthusiasm to come to work every day.

Why would you recommend a career at Stephensons?

Stephensons is an outstanding place to begin or advance your career. Having worked in various law firms, I have found that Stephensons is a perfect fit for me. As a highly esteemed law firm, it offers numerous opportunities for those who are passionate about the legal profession and even those who aren't. One of the primary reasons why I recommend a career at Stephensons is the company's unwavering dedication to its employees. They provide regular training and development programs, along with opportunities for growth within the organisation.

Describe Stephensons in three words:

Challenging, friendly and open.