Tom Mooney



Tom is a Partner in the clinical negligence department.

Tom joined Stephensons in July 2006 as a graduate paralegal in the clinical negligence department. He secured a training contract in the summer of 2007 and subsequently qualified in September 2010. During this time he obtained a masters degree in professional legal practice. He was made an associate in 2013 and a Partner in 2017.

Since qualification, Tom has dealt exclusively with both claimant clinical negligence cases and also professional negligence claims arising out of mistakes other solicitors have made whilst investing clinical negligence matters. He has been awarded the Law Society’s Clinical Negligence Accreditation in recognition of his exceptional expertise, skill and experience in securing compensation for victims of medical negligence. There are currently fewer than 400 accredited solicitors in England and Wales.

Tom is proud to be a member of one of the most highly rated clinical negligence departments in the region. 

“A proactive team that focuses on the clients’ needs" (Legal 500)

Tom is aware of how intimidating approaching a solicitor can sometimes be, especially as the circumstances of a clinical negligence case are often of a sensitive nature. He is also very conscious that medical terms and legal processes can occasionally be difficult to understand. Tom therefore prides himself as being an approachable and plain-speaking individual and always strives to ensure that his clients are aware of what is going on with their claims and the steps that need to be taken to reach a successful conclusion.

In relation to clinical negligence claims, Tom finds that he is often approached by individuals who are unsatisfied that medical practitioners have not addressed their concerns, or because doctors have failed to own up to mistakes that have been made.

In relation to professional negligence claims, he is often approached by frustrated clients who are concerned about their potential options for redress after being let down by both by their medical practitioners and also by their legal advisors.

Tom therefore sees his role as someone who advises and supports his clients and he takes great satisfaction in helping them to get the answers and closure that they deserve.

Tom has extensive experience of dealing with a wide variety of claims. These include:

  • Birth injury claims
  • Cerebral palsy claims
  • Gastric band compensation claims
  • Misdiagnosis
  • Delay in diagnosis
  • Surgical accidents 
  • Cosmetic surgery claims
  • Laser eye surgery claims
  • Hospital infection claims including MRSA
  • Dental negligence
  • Claims against care homes
  • Claims against medical professionals including dentists, opticians, physiotherapists

Cases of note

For Tom the best part of his job is helping clients to achieve financial compensation and knowing that it will have a significant and positive impact on their lives.

Since joining the firm, Tom has personally obtained over £3,000,000 in compensation for his clients. The following are examples of some of the claims that he has been involved in:

Tom settled a claim for the widow of a deceased woman following failures by a hospital to treat his wife’s coronary symptoms. It was alleged that if the deceased had been referred for coronary artery bypass surgery then she would have survived for at least ten further years. The client was awarded £105,000.

Tom settled a claim in the sum of £100,000. The claim related to a delay in treating a client's vascular problems. It was alleged that three defendants failed to take any, or any adequate, action in response to the client's attendances on them at various times between April 2009 and June 2009 when his history and symptoms were suggestive of a vascular problem in his left leg. When the client was eventually referred for a vascular problem, in September 2009, a complete thrombosis of the distal left superficial femoral artery was identified. Despite intervention, the claimant subsequently required an above knee amputation in January 2010.

Tom settled a claim for £54,000. The claim related to a failure to identify and repair a small perforation to the client's bowel which had been caused during surgery to remove her right fallopian tube. If the perforation had been noticed then a primary closure would have been undertaken on the same date. The client would have had an inpatient stay of five – seven days with a recuperation period of six weeks. Instead this client required further surgery to repair the perforation and an extended hospital stay of three additional weeks. She also suffered increased scarring, renal failure, anaemia and she developed a hernia. 

Tom settled a claim in the sum of £36,000 for a client who developed avoidable sepsis, gangrene and renal failure. It was alleged that the hospital discharged this client prematurely to intermediate care. There were also further allegations that the care home delayed in referring the client back to hospital. As a result of the substandard treatment the client ultimately required amputation of two of his fingertips.   

Tom settled a claim in the sum of £30,000 for a client who suffered extensive problems following the closure of an anal wound. The client ultimately developed a fissure which caused her pain, bleeding and incontinence. She also experienced post traumatic stress and developed a depressive disorder. It was anticipated that this client would ultimately require surgical intervention to resolve her symptoms. If this client had been provided with appropriate analgesia or aperients following her operation, and if she had been given appropriate post-operative advice and care, it was alleged that her anal wound would have healed within four weeks and she would not have developed an anal fissure

What others think

"A thorough and logical approach to a complex case. I was very satisfied with all levels of service and professionalism throughout."

"Committed and professional team who kept you updated with everything and answer all the questions you have."

“Very clear concise information from the start, friendly and approachable. Nothing is too much trouble. Felt at ease”

“I want to express my satisfaction and gratitude to my solicitor Tom Mooney!  He is an excellent professional and a compassionate person.  Very often my emotions were overpowering me but Tom expressed sympathy and patience. Tom used to give me a sensible piece of advice while I could not always think straightforward.  He was always polite and tactful.  I would recommend your company to anyone if I have a chance.”

"I have been a customer of your firm now for the past few years. My Clinical Negligence claim was recently settled and I would like to thank Tom & Alex for all the work they have done on my behalf. My condition will never improve but the security of my mortgage being paid will help if my condition deteriorates to the extent I have to reduce my hours further."

"Tom has been a devoted and highly valued volunteer at the charity for a number of years and he has truly earned his new position as Treasurer. Brain injury can cause devastating consequences that can impact upon every area of a person's life. It is reassuring to know there are people like Tom who are committed to supporting our Headway services to ensure the charity can continue to provide a vital lifeline to local families affected by brain injury." - Sue Brown, Chair of Headway Wigan and Leigh