Sophie Maloney



Sophie has worked at Stephensons since 2012 and is a solicitor in the Court of Protection and community care department.

She specialises in community care and Court of Protection welfare matters and is a Law Society Capacity (Welfare) Accredited Legal Representative.

In Court of Protection matters, Sophie represents both “P” by a litigation friend (including the Official Solicitor) and family members in Mental Capacity Act disputes before the court.

Court of Protection cases often address complex and sensitive issues including residence, care, sexual relations, contact, medical treatment decisions and deprivations of liberty.

Sophie is experienced in advising and representing parties in respect of capacity disputes, best interests and section 21A appeals against Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS).

Sophie also represents vulnerable children and adults with physical disabilities and mental health conditions in obtaining lawful assessments, service provision, treatment and suitable accommodation from both social services and the NHS. In addition to challenging decisions to remove or reduce care packages and refusals to fund treatment, she also frequently represent clients lacking capacity who are in the midst of possession proceedings.

Areas of specialism

  • Court of Protection welfare matters
  • Appeals against deprivations of liberty under s21A Mental Capacity Act 2005
  • Community care
  • Judicial review