Jamie Cruickshanks

Clinical Negligence Solicitor and Senior Associate


Jamie is a senior associate and solicitor in the clinical negligence department. He joined Stephensons in 1995 as a graduate clerk in the personal injury department. He carried out his legal training with Stephensons and qualified as a solicitor in the clinical negligence department in 1999, where he has specialised in medical negligence cases ever since. 

In order to further his knowledge of clinical negligence and medical litigation Jamie took a Masters degree in medical law. On completing the course he passed the medical law degree with a distinction.

Jamie is a member of the Law Society's Clinical Negligence Accreditation Scheme.

Jamie's cases cover the full range of clinical negligence work from minor injuries to cases of severe brain damage. Over the years he has taken on a number of cases where babies have suffered brain damage due to failures in treatment at or around the time of their birth.

No two clinical negligence cases are the same and each case brings with it a variety of challenges. Jamie is a strong believer in trying to do what is right for his clients and helping them through times in their lives that can often be very difficult for them and their families. His years of experience as a specialist clinical negligence solicitor, dealing with a broad range of cases, puts him in a good position to not only do the best in the cases he investigates but to provide practical and appropriate advice and assistance to my clients.

Jamie sees his role as solicitor as one of advising, supporting and enabling his clients to get through what can be quite a challenging time in their lives. Due to the nature of the various injuries suffered by his clients it is often the case that they become very knowledgeable about their own particular injuries and illnesses. Jamie finds that it is essential to work with his client as a team, to combine his knowledge and experience with their own often in-depth and valuable knowledge of their own medical condition.

Jamie is a good listener. The starting point for any clinical negligence case is to listen to the client and to try and understand clearly what it is that  clients want him to do for them and also what it is that they really want to achieve. For a good working relationship it is essential that Jamie first understands the objectives of his clients in order to formulate a plan to move forward.  

Jamie is also straight talker. His clients come to him, in the main, because they feel that they have been let down by a medical professional or institution. It takes a lot for them to then approach another professional in yet another professional institution and put their trust in them. Jamie therefore believes that he owes it to his clients to be as realistic about the prospects of success in their case as he can. 

When a case is about your health or about the health of a loved one then it is essential that you discuss your concerns with someone who has the ability to listen to your concerns and the skill and knowledge to know what to do about your issues. The vast majority of Jamie's clients do not want to pursue a claim for compensation purposes, they want to find out what has really happened and whether anyone was to blame for their or their loved ones injuries. If your case has reasonable prospects then Jamie will carry out investigations to answer those questions and if it looks as though failure have brought about avoidable harm and suffering then monetary compensation will follow.

Cases of interest

During his time assisting clients with their negligence claims Jamie has dealt with a wide variety of cases. Some case of interest are as follows:

  • Jamie assisted a client in a claim involving surgery which resulted in a damaged bowel. The client won £650,000 in compensation
  • A client whose foot fracture was not diagnosed was awarded £195,000 compensation
  • Jamie assisted the parents of a client who suffered brain injuries shortly after birth to secure compensation of £1.7million
  • A mother who lost her young child as a result of hospital staff failures after she was urgently referred by her GP, was awarded £225,000 compensation
  • A client undergoing a dental check-up had a piece of dental equipment dropped down his throat which lodged in his lung. He was awarded £300,000 in compensation


"Jamie Cruickshanks  is ‘tenacious in securing the right results for his clients’." - Legal 500 2018

"May I just say you have been absolutely amazing throughout this long process and we would like to thank you from the bottom of both our hearts. You have been so efficient and professional and we would highly recommend you to any friends, family, colleagues…."

“Contact Stephensons for their advice on any legal matter, as they helped and explained everything I needed to know. We have used them twice and would do again.”

“We have always used Stephensons for years for different things. I will recommend them to others, very satisfied and friendly.”

“Stephensons hold your hand through a personally traumatic time, giving clear guidance and explanations. You are, most importantly, treated with great respect and kept fully informed at all times. Highly recommend."