Carla Twist


Carla is an associate solicitor in the clinical negligence department.

Carla joined Stephensons in February 2006 as a graduate clerk in the clinical negligence department. She initially assisted the head of the department with her complex clinical negligence claims (mainly cerebral palsy claims). In September 2007, she was then given my own small caseload.

As soon as Carla started working on clinical negligence claims, she knew that she definitely wanted to become a solicitor and that clinical negligence would be the area that she specialised in. Carla subsequently began my training contract in March 2010 and qualified as a solicitor in the clinical negligence department in March 2012.

Clinical negligence claims can be quite complicated. You will know from when you have had medical treatment that the language doctors use is not always clear and you can sometimes be unsure about what treatment you need and why. Many of Carla's clients also have long-term health problems, which can make the whole process more stressful and confusing. Through her role as a solicitor she can help clients to understand the medical jargon, the medical treatment that they have received and help to ease any stress or confusion.

A lot of Carla's clients have not been told or do not understand what has happened with their medical treatment and why it has gone wrong. For some clients an explanation of what has happened is all that they are looking for. A key part of Carla's role is therefore trying to get her clients the answers that they deserve.

She also gets the opportunity to help people when they are going through difficult times in their lives. She listens to peoples problems and appreciates that as a result of poor medical treatment, clients can suffer from a variety of issues i.e. a change in their abilities, losing their job, difficulties paying their bills etc. Carla therefore believes that a key part of her job as a solicitor is to provide support to her clients and to try and get their lives back on track as much as possible.

Carla now have a varied caseload dealing with claims concerning surgery, orthopaedics, gynaecology, delays in diagnosis, birth injuries and neurological Injuries.

She also continues to assist the Head of Litigation, Louise Griffiths, with her cerebral palsy claims.

Cases of Interest

Assisted on

  • A cerebral palsy case arising out of the treatment that a newborn baby had received following birth. The case settled for approximately £4.4 million.
  • A wrongful birth claim arising out of a failure to diagnose features on ultrasound scans that should have led to a diagnosis of a chromosome abnormality. The child had severe mental and physical disabilities. The case settled for £3.75 million.
  • A cerebral palsy case arising out of treatment during labour and delivery. The case settled for approximately £4.1 million.

Carla's cases

  • Opiate Dependency Group Litigation: a group action of around 120 cases concerning inappropriate treatment/medication being given to prisoners for opiate dependency and withdrawal in prison. Carla was responsible for the conduct of these claims on a day-to-day basis from 2008 until 2010. These claims were settled in 2011.
  • Settled a claim for £30,000 for the avoidable death of a client’s wife due to delays in treatment at hospital.
  • Settled a claim for £110,000 for a client who suffered a perforated bladder due to an inappropriately performed sterilisation operation.
  • Settled a claim for £12,500 for the avoidable death of a client’s mother after she suffered a perforated jugular vein during an operation and there was a delay in diagnosing this complication.

What our clients say

“For several years Carla was the main point of contact and became the font of knowledge in our case. Her approachability, listening skills and speed of reacting in a sometimes fast moving and complex case are a credit to your company.”

“Stress free. I didn't have to chase and I was kept informed of developments at all times.”

“They deal with your problem quickly. Advise you of the best route. Answer your questions and queries fast. Very professional."