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Social value

Stephensons has been proud to support its staff corporate social responsibility forum for over 10 years and many Stephensons team members have done great work in that time raising money for charities and volunteering.

In addition Stephensons has recently looked at its contribution to social value in other respects and tried to quantify it. We are pleased to share our findings..

Social value is often broken down into three areas, economic, social (building cohesive communities) and environmental. The good that Stephensons does in those areas can be expressed as explained below. 



We employ 270 people, in high quality jobs, in geographical areas that comprise some of the most deprived boroughs in the country. As one of their key local employers, we work closely with our home local authority, Wigan, to support their community wealth building strategy. We are currently involved in a project with the Authority to employ disadvantaged people, such as care leavers, in apprenticeship posts and other permanent employment.

Using the national social value measurement (National TOMS) the value of employment in financial terms to the local community is £8,736 pa for each apprenticeship and £28,213 pa for each job. Having a strong business helps us to generate literally millions of pounds for the economy, and in particular our northwest communities, through jobs and taxes such as business rates, VAT, income tax and National Insurance. 

We believe that the employment we provide should be, and is, of the best quality and our Lexcel assessor said: “The firm has an excellent management culture that is based on sound leadership, excellent communications, modern and flexible ways of working, and good staff involvement. People feel valued and appreciated and looked after by the firm.”

Social (building cohesive communities)

We believe that access to the law is a fundamental right and part of any cohesive community.

We run our own legal call centre and provide telephone help to approximately 100,000 people a year.

Through our legal work we help people from all walks of life to take control of their lives and improve them.

We are also one of a dwindling group of lawyers who provide legal aid and other services in some hard to access but life changing areas of the law such as child care, discrimination and adult social care.


Prior to the covid pandemic we had agile working and we are now operating our business in a paperlite way.

We have calculated that our agile working policy, leaving aside the impact of covid, reduces journeys by 286,000 miles a year with a carbon reduction of 80,236,800 gCO2.

Paperlite and paperless working has led to use reductions in print, paper and stationary and what little paper we still use is recycled.

From 1st April 2020 to 30th March 2021 we have recycled, 31,216kg of paper, this equate to 31 metric tonnes. 

Each ton (2,000 pounds) of recycled paper can save 17 trees, this means we have saved 527 trees and 7,750 pounds of CO2. 

Agile working and a centralised admin function have reduced our paper usage by almost 3.2 million sheets.

Stephensons has a solid track record of providing services to public bodies and other social purpose organisations. But the bedrock of our firm is to provide easily accessible legal services to large numbers of ordinary people, coming to us directly. We are based in the northwest but we do this on a national basis. We provide services in areas that many other lawyers have withdrawn from and we change lives for the better by doing so.