Warning - website and correspondence misusing the name of Stephensons Solicitors LLP

My vacation placement at Stephensons - Megan Hicklin

The bogus website www.stephensonsllp.com is operating and is connected to other correspondence and communications misusing the name of our firm Stephensons Solicitors LLP.

What is the scam?

A website www.stephensonsllp.com is falsely operating and claiming to be for “Stephensons Solicitors LLP”. This website is not, in any way, associated with us and is NOT a genuine firm of solicitors.

Members of the public have been sent letters, by fax and email, from an individual(s) claiming to be “Andrew Leeakey”, "Andrew Leakey" or "Andrew Caswell" – “Head of Dispute at Stephensons Solicitors LLP”. The letters concern a supposedly unclaimed permanent life insurance policy with the name of the supposedly deceased individual tailored to match the surname of the recipient. The letters DO NOT have any connection or association with our genuine firm.

Both the website, letters and emails being circulated provide the following contact details which DO NOT have any connection or association with our genuine firm:

Telephone number: “+44 797 8271972” and “+44 289 5817926”

Fax number: “+44 203 8074637”

Email address: “info@stephensonsllp.com”, “andrewleeak68@gmail.com”, “andrew@stephensonsllp.com” and "andrewx.caswell@yahoo.co.uk"

Both the letters, website and emails being circulated misuse the name and also our London branch office address of our genuine firm of solicitors.

Further, in an attempt to legitimate the scam, other additional documents are being circulated including documents purporting to be a “Life Insurance Certificate”, an “Indemnity Letter” (claiming to be connected to the High Court of Justice, Queens Bench Division); and a false passport misusing the genuine photograph of a genuine solicitor at our firm.

Please be alert to any contact, business or transactions through www.stephensonsllp.com or the contact details provided above - they are not in any way from, or in connection with our genuine firm – it is a scam.

We have alerted our regulator, the Solicitors Regulation Authority, to the above and they have placed an alert on their own website which can be viewed at SRA - Stephensons Warning.