Stephensons to support World CP Day throughout October

Stephensons to support World CP Day throughout October

Stephensons is proud to support World Cerebral Palsy (CP) Day, raising awareness of the issues affecting people with cerebral palsy and championing the rights of those living with the condition.

World CP Day held on Wednesday 5 October, is an annual awareness day which draws attention to the neurological condition and shares the stories and achievements of those with CP, acting as a catalyst for social change.

Stephensons is a long-time supporter of causes related to cerebral palsy, having worked with and alongside families living with the condition as a result of medical negligence – such as substandard care during child birth.

During the month of October, the firm will be actively supporting a number of charitable causes related to CP, in order to raise funds and awareness in local communities across the UK.

On Friday 7 October, each of Stephensons’ ten offices will ‘dress down’ in support of Ben’s Wish – a Greater Manchester charity set up to raise money for ten-year-old Ben Robinson, who was born with cerebral palsy and has been recently diagnosed with leukaemia.

Ben is a devoted fan of his local rugby club Leigh Centurions, whose star forward, Australian Dayne Weston, first met Ben at the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, visiting him every week ever since. Dayne went on to found Ben’s Wish, gathering donations to send his friend on a dream holiday to Jamaica, as well as providing financial support to Ben’s parents.

Later in the month, Stephensons staff and volunteers will be taking part in an early-morning garden dig for Wirral-based charity, Stick and Step.

Stick and Step provides free specialist support and education to children with cerebral palsy. Children are able to attend the Merseyside centre twice a week to learn and play; gaining new experiences and socialising with other children living with CP. The charity, which operates across the North of England and North Wales, relies on donations to provide its services for free.

Stephensons will also be donating £4,000 to CP Sport, the UK’s leading national disability sports organisation for people with cerebral palsy. The donation will help the organisation to purchase a ‘racerunner’ – a specialised mobility aid, designed to help children and young people compete in running events.

The device – effectively a three wheeled trike – allows the runner to support themselves in a standing position, while propelling themselves forward with their legs and steering using their hands or arms.

Stephensons will also be supporting one of CP Sport’s family swim events during October.

Robyn Cummins, World CP Day Manager said: “Cerebral palsy is the most common physical disability in childhood and is also one of the least understood. There are over 17 million people living with CP and 350 million family, friends and supporters who care about them.

“But In many countries, people with CP are ‘invisible’. They live out of sight, out of mind and out of options.

“We talk to people with CP, their families and organisations around the world and find incredibly frustrating similarities. The same issues keep coming up again and again.

“But the good news is we also hear about the success stories – individuals and organisations who are creating positive change in their communities and are willing to share their experiences, tools and tips. Our mission is to highlight the issues, unearth the success stories and encourage people to take action in their communities.”

For more information on how Stephensons is supporting cerebral palsy causes this month, follow us on Twitter and Facebook, or search ‘CP Day 2016’ for more information on other events taking place.