Stephensons to overhaul its case management system

Stephensons to overhaul its case management system

The national law firm, Stephensons is delighted to announce its partnership with legal workflow and case management system Lexis® Visualfiles™; document bundling and portal integrations provider Zylpha; and legal accounting software, SOS to overhaul its business operations.

This market-leading combination of technologies will allow Stephensons to better its back office functions to enable future growth and better the client experience. Nearly 400 users will access this combined solution across the firm’s offices and practice areas.

“As we move into the next phase of our development, the commoditisation of legal services makes automation of business processes indispensable,” commented Ann Harrison, Chairwoman. “Business efficiency and improved profitability are vital and this combination of technology will enable us to deliver a better service for our clients as a matter of routine. We are excited by this prospect and it has genuinely enthused our firm”.

Post an intensive selection process, Stephensons chose the Visualfiles, Zylpha and SOS legal technology trio for the flexibility it will offer the firm.

Stephensons is automating its standard business processes to become more efficient. All front-end activity, from matter inception through to completion, will be undertaken using Visualfiles. The firm will be able to create new applications, which are unique to Stephensons, with ease while constantly making incremental improvements to meet the demands of the ever-changing market place. This capability is facilitated by the powerful Visualfiles SDK suite.

The firm is combining the file management capabilities of Visualfiles with Zylpha’s electronic document bundling solution. Stephensons is creating an environment of operational efficiency and regulatory compliance by integrating Visualfiles with SOS Connect practice management. The three solutions will automate and streamline the way in which the business operates and simplify the documentation processes. The technology will also enable the firm to improve the customer journey.

“Visualfiles, Zylpha and SOS are a proven combination with many firms already successfully using it,” said Andy Sparkes, General Manager at LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions. “This deployment will enable Stephensons to evolve the business at pace with market developments and even stay a step ahead for competitive advantage. The beauty of Visualfiles is that it integrates with third party systems, and so places minimal limits on firms that want to deploy other technologies immediately or in the future. Firms can truly optimise their investment in Visualfiles.”  

Photograph Andy Sparkes and Ann Harrison