Keeping your kids safe on their bikes during summer holidays

Each year around 19,000 cyclists are killed or injured in reported road accidents in the UK. 3,000 of those are killed or seriously injured. And this is reported cases only, there’s cause to believe many cases go unreported as they aren’t seen as ‘severe’ enough by the people involved.

It’s even more worrying that 22 per cent of all UK cycling casualties are under the age of 16. Bicycle helmets aren’t always popular with children but they can save one’s life when in a serious accident. Your child is less likely to suffer a head injury if they are well prepared for the roads.

  • You should make sure that your child wears a helmet at all times and it is correctly fitted. You need to adjust the pads and straps so that it sits comfortably and is held on firmly. The helmet should cover the forehead but not the eyes.
  • Any helmet worn when in an accident should be disposed of. There won’t necessarily be any damage visible on the outside but it can have fractures on the inside.
  • It’s important for children to wear either bright colours or a high-visibility vest when on the roads. Drivers can often miss small children.
  • When it comes to road safety, parents need to lead the way by adopting the same safety measures they encourage their children to take on board. Wear a helmet and your children will follow suit.
  • And above all, it doesn’t do any harm to be reminded that busy roads aren’t places for playtime and everyone needs to stay alert.

We support national brain injury charity Headway and its efforts to promote and campaign for the use of cycle helmets to be made compulsory for children under the age of 16 when on their bikes.