Delayed passenger claims can take flight following Supreme Court ruling

Airline passengers who have experienced delays of more than three hours due to technical problems can now claim compensation following a Supreme Court ruling in two flight delay compensation cases.

The Supreme Court refused applications to appeal in the two cases - Limited v Huzar and Thomson Airways Limited v Dawson – leaving the way clear for thousands of delayed passengers who had previously not been able to make a claim.

Heather Korwin-Szymanowska, a consumer law solicitor at Stephensons Solicitors LLP, said: “Thousands of claims were put on hold pending the outcome of these two cases. Now, the floodgates are effectively open and we would encourage those passengers who were previously deterred from making a claim to come forward.

“Passengers who have experienced flight delays have six years to make their claim. There could be a lot of people who had claims turned down in the last few years due to technical problems, who may now have a strong reason to revisit that case in light of this ruling.”

Passengers who have experienced flight delays of more than three hours are encouraged to contact Stephensons on 0333 344 4772.


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