Crime Partner Correna Platt appearing in new TV series

Crime Partner Correna Platt appearing in new TV series

Stephensons Partner Correna Platt will be looking into the case of convicted murderer Roger Kearney in the two part TV documentary.

Aired on BBC 2 Wednesday 21 September and Wednesday 28 September at 9pm, Conviction: Murder At The Station, follows a team of experts as they investigate the evidence in the case of convicted murderer Roger Kearney.

The documentary series draws on the experience of a panel of criminal solicitors, ex-police officers and forensic experts working with the charity Inside Justice, led by Louise Shorter.

In this series Louise looks for new evidence which would support an appeal for the Southampton man for the murder of his secret lover.

40-year-old Paula Poolton went missing in 2008. Her body was later found in her car which was parked outside the local railway station. The police soon established Mrs Poolton had been involved with Mr Kearney and the postal worker became the focus of the police investigation. 

Mr Kearney received a life sentence for the murder and was ordered to serve at least 15 years. The father-of-two has maintained his innocence throughout.

Every year, over 500 people in the UK are convicted of murder with less than one per cent of cases being overturned.

You can watch episode one on the BBC iPlayer here: Conviction: Murder at the Station

Tune in to BBC 2 on 28th September at 9pm to see the final part of the documentary.