Fixed price Wills & Probate

Our Wills and Probate solicitors are experts in their field, and having been named Law Firm of the Year at the 360 Legal awards twice, it’s no secret that our solicitors are amongst the industry leaders in providing expert advice and representation in all legal matters, including issues regarding Probate and Will fees. We are delighted to offer a range of fixed price services in this area.

Making a Will - price guide

Stephensons' specialist Will writing solicitors have extensive experience in preparing Wills to cover all circumstances. Whether you have a complex estate or you simply want to make sure certain belongings go to certain people, we can make a Will to suit you.

Level 1 Wills

£210 Single Will - £260 Mirror Wills

Instruction options available

  • We send out a link to our Wills instruction form for you to complete as far as possible and return in advance so that it ensures we can get your Will done in one visit.

  • If you are not on email then we can send a Will pre-appointment questionnaire in the post so that we can get the Will done for you in one visit if you return the questionnaire beforehand.

  • If you want to attend to provide instructions and we then draft the Will and go through it with you before signing all in one attendance (and you don’t want to pre-complete a questionnaire either through our online system or by bringing in a pre-appointment questionnaire we send to you in the post).

Level 2 Wills - Multiple Legacies

£315 Single Will - £365 Mirror Wills

Suitable if the Will is more complicated, requires multiple legacies or you would like a draft to be sent to you to consider further. This option is also suitable if you would like to attend to provide instructions, we then draft the Will and go through it with you before signing all in one attendance.

Should you need to leave someone out of your Will an additional £90 including VAT will be payable to cover the cost of the advice we need to give you on the implications of this.

Level 3 Wills

£395 Single Will - £520 Mirror Wills

Wills to include a trust to protect against factors which could affect the surviving spouse/civil partner together with the relevant deed to ensure that the jointly owned property is owned in such a way to allow a half share to pass into a trust on the first death.

Level 4 Wills


This is for people who wish to receive inheritance tax planning advice related to their Will so as to leave as much as possible to their chosen beneficiaries through minimising inheritance tax paid. These Wills can involve the use of trusts to plan to minimise the impact of inheritance tax and is more particularly aimed at married couples/civil partners due to the tax exemptions provided to them*.

*If you are not married or in a civil partnership we would be able to advise you on inheritance tax planning options which advice would be charged on the hourly rates of the person assisting you. 

Please note an additional charge of £75 plus VAT and mileage of 45p per mile plus VAT will be payable should you require a home or out of office visit.

How much does probate cost?

Here are the costs relating to probate if you'd like to use our legal specialists.

Grant of probate/grant of letters of administration only - £890 plus VAT*

Executors/administrators can then deal with the administration of the estate after we have obtained the grant for them.

Dealing with entire estate (obtaining grant, collecting in assets and distributing to beneficiaries)

Average estate values are under £325,000 and with no inheritance tax payable, where this is the case our average prices are :

Basic price range

Estate of 1 property and up to 4 accounts - £1,575 plus VAT*

Estate of 1 property and from 5 to 10 accounts - £2,160 plus VAT*

Additional costs relating to the administration of the estate

If there is no Will there will be an additional charge in relation to the increased complexity £300 plus VAT*

Banded fee scale in relation to number of shareholdings/stock

Additional fee as follows:

1 to 3 share holdings - £100 plus VAT*

3 to 5 share holdings - £250 plus VAT*

6 plus share holdings - £300 plus VAT*

Banded fee scale in relation to number of beneficiaries

Additional fee as follows:

3 to 5 beneficiaries - £100 plus VAT

6 plus beneficiaries - £250 plus VAT

*Third party costs

  • Probate Court fee of £155

  • £1.50 for each office copy of the grant required (1 per asset usually)

  • £3 plus VAT HM Land Registry official copy entry

  • £2 bankruptcy search

  • £5 plus VAT for electronic ID search

  • HM Land Registry registration fees based on scales and the value and status of the property

  • Other third party costs will be advised as required, e.g. accountant’s fee for potential income tax return, statutory advertisement fee to advertise for unknown creditors, asset tracing fee

  • There may be additional third party costs for lost share certificates and share registrar and/or sale agent fees on transfer or sale of the shares

  • S27 Advertisements in the London Gazette and a local newspaper in from £150 - £300 depending on the local newspaper advertising costs.

  • Stockbroker fees - £25 - £150 depending on the number of shareholdings to be dealt with.

If you would like more information or would like to arrange and appointment with one of our Wills and Probate experts call us on 0175 321 6399 or complete our online enquiry form and a member of the team will contact you directly.

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