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Misdiagnosis leading to limb amputation

Many common conditions if misdiagnosed can lead to amputation and this usually has devastating consequences for the person involved. Our team of specialist medical negligence solicitors are experienced in dealing with cases involving amputation and if you or a loved one has suffered an amputation through misdiagnosis, please contact us on 01616 966 229 for advice on pursuing a claim for compensation.

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Conditions which if misdiagnosed, can lead to amputation include:

Vascular disease

This is a disease affecting the arteries and veins and which can, if left untreated, cause a loss of blood supply to the organs and muscles leading to amputation.

The legs are most commonly affected by this disease and over time, people with the condition can often experience pain when walking, ulceration or infection in their lower limbs.

Unfortunately, these symptoms are often wrongly diagnosed, meaning that the opportunity for appropriate treatment is lost and a potentially avoidable amputation is required.


Infections such as osteomyelitis (an infection of the bone) or necrotising fasciitis (a bacterial skin infection) require prompt treatment and if conditions such as these are misdiagnosed, they can lead to an avoidable amputation.


Many of the common symptoms associated with diabetes are often wrongly diagnosed and people can suffer with diabetes for many years before they are given the correct diagnosis. During this time, they may have missed the opportunity for many of the vital checks needed for people living with diabetes, such as regular foot checks to check the sensation and blood supply in the foot.

If diabetes is misdiagnosed for too long, it may be too late to offer effective treatment for complications such as poor circulation and this may result in an amputation.


Cancer is commonly misdiagnosed and the vital window of opportunity for effective treatment is often lost. If cancer is not treated in time, especially in the case of bone cancer or certain types of skin cancer, an amputation may be required.

How we can help if you have suffered an amputation due to misdiagnosis

Our team of specialist medical negligence solicitors will work with you to help you regain as much independence as possible.

Our experts are able to advise on the best type of prosthetics, wheelchair and equipment available to enable you to meet your own individual needs and goals, whether that be mobilising independently around the home, returning to employment or enjoying hobbies such as swimming, running or cycling.

We will also investigate and claim the cost of any rehabilitation, which includes any care and assistance, physiotherapy, occupational therapy or psychology input that you may require both now and in the future.

In some cases we may be able to obtain an early payment of compensation to ensure that you are able to access the treatment and rehabilitation that you need before your case has concluded, and in some cases, we can help you to locate and appoint a case manager to assist you in putting in place your rehabilitation and treatment needs, taking the stress away from you.

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