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Extension disputes

Home extensions are increasingly popular, as improving and expanding your current house is often much less expensive than the cost of moving to a larger property to meet the changing needs of your household. However, home improvement works don’t always go to plan and unfortunately sometimes there can be disputes between homeowners and builders; whether that’s over the cost of the works or the standard of what has been done.

House extension disputes can be very stressful and difficult to deal with on both a practical and emotional level. Our experienced dispute resolution team can help you to resolve the situation and always seek the best possible outcome from the situation. Call us on 0161 696 6178.

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What causes extension disputes with builders?

One of the most common causes of disputes with builders over house extensions are issues with how the work was initially quoted and the scope of work involved. Sometimes things happen during the course of the work which changes how things need to be done or problems are discovered which require additional work to be carried out. These things can have a big impact on the budget and the timescale of the build, which mean that the initial sum quoted and the works to be carried out are no longer the same as when they were agreed at the start of the project. In circumstances like this, it’s easy to see how sometimes things can escalate into a dispute.

Another common house extension dispute is when the finished work isn’t of the standard that the homeowner expected, and they are unhappy with paying the full amount to the builders for this reason. There are also some situations when work is unfinished or botched and builders are unwilling to complete the extension until full payment is made, but the homeowner does not agree with this, usually because the cost has increased from what was originally agreed.

Any type of builder dispute can be very disruptive, especially if it’s stopping you from living in and enjoying your home. Our experienced building dispute resolution team can help you to deal with problems related to bad extensions in a house or any other dispute that arises from your home extension work with your builders.

Our team are experts in this area of law and understand exactly what it takes to secure the best possible outcome for every client. We can offer specialist advice before you embark on building work to help minimise the chances of a dispute arising, and we can also assist you in the event that you and your builders do disagree on things. It is in everyone’s best interests to resolve house extension disputes as quickly as possible, so that you can move forward from the problems and start enjoying your expanded home as intended.

Get in touch for free initial advice on resolving builder disputes by calling 0161 696 6178.

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