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Client receives £50,000 after serious road traffic accident

Our client received £50,000 in compensation after suffering a fracture to their collar bone and shoulder joint, along with soft tissue injuries and severe psychological symptoms as a result of a very traumatic and frightening road traffic accident.

Our client was the passenger in a moving vehicle when the driver suffered a heart attack, lost consciousness and sadly passed away at the wheel with their foot on the accelerator. The car therefore accelerated and our client had to attempt to regain control of the vehicle from the passenger seat, which eventually collided with another vehicle.

As a result of the accident, our client suffered soft tissue injuries to their chest wall and right elbow, along with fractures to the collar bone/shoulder joint, requiring surgery. They also suffered significant bruising to the ribs, legs, arms and hips.

Our client developed a major depressive disorder as well as PTSD and they also developed a specific travel phobia for a number of months after this traumatic incident. The claimant underwent psychological treatment and physiotherapy for their injuries and recovered reasonably well in time from such a distressing event.

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