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Fatal construction accident compensation claims solicitors

Our dedicated team of fatal accident solicitors at Stephensons are here to provide the much-needed support and legal expertise to you and your family during a tragic time of a fatal construction accident. Each year, our fatal accident lawyers assist numerous families in claiming compensation following lethal construction incidents, ensuring they do not travel this difficult journey alone.

Our commitment goes far beyond financial compensation, we believe in offering comprehensive assistance that addresses all aspects of your situation. Our team not only strives to secure the compensation you are entitled to but also assists in ensuring you gain access to all the required support systems – be it counselling, grief support, or navigating through the legal intricacies of inquests.

Losing a loved one in a fatal construction accident is unimaginable and can leave families not only grieving but also facing unexpected financial and emotional challenges. At Stephensons Solicitors LLP, we understand that no amount of compensation can replace the life lost. Nonetheless, we strive to support grieving families through these tragic times, ensuring they receive the rightful compensation and justice to alleviate some of the financial burdens associated with their loss. Contact our fatal accident solicitors today on 0161 696 6235 .

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What is a fatal construction accident compensation claim?

A fatal construction accident compensation claim is a legal request initiated by the kin of a person who has tragically lost their life in a construction accident. This claim seeks financial compensation for the various damages incurred as a result of the unexpected fatality, providing some level of financial stability amidst the emotional turmoil.

The objective of a fatal construction accident compensation claim is to offer financial support to the bereaved family, mitigating the sudden economic impact and providing some semblance of security for the future. Additionally, it serves to hold accountable the responsible party, emphasising the importance of stringent safety protocols and adherence to construction regulations to ensure a safer working environment for others in the sector.

Navigating a fatal accident compensation claim with Stephensons

Navigating a fatal accident claim requires the adept handling of legal, financial, and administrative aspects, which can be complex and demanding, particularly during a period of grief.

Our legal experts play a crucial role in guiding you through the process, ensuring that you secure the justice and compensation you rightfully deserve, while also affording the space to grieve and commemorate your loved one without being unduly burdened by legal complexities.

Our compassionate and experienced team of fatal accident solicitors are dedicated to guiding you through the legal maze during such a sorrowful period. We provide:

  • Empathetic support: our professionals ensure that your emotional wellbeing is prioritised while navigating through the legalities
  • Experienced guidance: with an exceptional track record in handling both fatal & construction accident claims, we promise adept advice and strategic legal action
  • No win, no fee service: we operate on a no-win, no-fee basis, ensuring that you receive expert legal support without the financial stress.

Your entitlement in fatal accident claims

In the wake of a fatal construction accident, the dependants and next of kin may be entitled to claim compensation, which can be categorised into:

  • Bereavement Award: a statutory payment of £15,120 made to close relatives
  • Dependency claim: compensation for the financial support the deceased would have provided
  • Funeral costs: claiming for reasonable funeral expenses.

We intricately analyse the impact of the tragic loss on your family, ensuring that every claim distinctly reflects your immediate and future needs.

Our approach to your claim

  • Initial consultation: a sensitive, yet thorough discussion to understand the incident and its impact on your family
  • Investigation: our team delves into an in-depth investigation to gather all pertinent information and evidence to strengthen your case
  • Legal proceedings: initiating legal proceedings while ensuring that you are kept informed and supported throughout
  • Compensation settlements: striving to secure the highest possible compensation to assist your family now and in the future.

Why choose our fatal construction accident claims lawyers?

In the agonising wake of a fatal construction accident, Stephensons Solicitors LLP stands out as a beacon of hope, compassion, and unparalleled legal expertise to navigate through your compensation claim. Our dedicated team, specialises in construction accidents and fatal accident claims, bringing not only a profound understanding of the legal landscape but also an empathetic approach, recognising the depth of your sorrow and loss.

Demonstrating a history of accolades and recognitions, Stephensons Solicitors LLP has carved out a reputation for exemplary service in the area of legal services. Garnering recognition as the 'Team of the Year' in the Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence category at the prestigious Manchester Legal Awards and earning commendable mention in The Times Best Law Firms 2019, our firm stands as a paragon of legal expertise and professional diligence. 

Contact our fatal accident solicitors

During such an overwhelming time, it is vital to have steadfast support and expertise by your side. Contact Stephensons Solicitors LLP to discuss your case with our empathetic and experienced solicitors. Allow us to shoulder the legal burdens and guide you towards justice and financial relief. Call us on 0161 696 6235 .

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