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Settlement agreement solicitors in Manchester

Stephensons Solicitors LLP is a Manchester-based law firm offering expert advice on a wide range of settlement agreements cases. Our extensive experience enables us to carefully consider every issue involved, whether we are representing employers or employees. Handling numerous settlement agreements on a weekly basis, our expertise in this field is truly unparalleled.

Our Manchester client base encompasses a diverse range of individuals, including public and private sector employees, directors, shareholders, and professional athletes. In certain situations, we are not only responsible for advising on the terms of the settlement agreement but also for negotiating higher settlement amounts.

Occasionally, a settlement agreement may be accompanied by a share purchase agreement, which may require separate legal counsel. Working in conjunction with our commercial team, we ensure that specialised advice is provided at each stage to facilitate a timely and efficient end-to-end resolution.


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What is a settlement agreement?

A settlement agreement, previously referred to as a compromise agreement, is a mutually agreed upon arrangement between an employer and an employee. It involves the employer offering financial compensation to the employee in exchange for the employee relinquishing their right to pursue a claim in an employment tribunal.

To be legally effective, a settlement agreement must adhere to specific requirements, and the employee must seek legal counsel from an impartial solicitor.

Over time, settlement agreements have become increasingly intricate, often spanning more than 20 pages. Whether you are an employer in need of a well-drafted settlement agreement or an employee seeking advice on one, it is crucial to consult specialist solicitors experienced in settlement agreements.

Why choose our settlement agreement solicitors in Manchester?

At Stephensons, our team of settlement agreement solicitors specialise in providing comprehensive guidance and skilful negotiations for settlement agreements. Whether you hold a position of seniority or not, it is crucial to seek advice when presented with a settlement agreement. If you have received or are anticipating a settlement agreement, it is vital to obtain professional legal counsel and support. To ensure the validity and fairness of the agreement, it is necessary for an independent legal expert or settlement agreement solicitors to review and sign the document.

Contact our Manchester settlement agreement solicitors

Get in touch with our team of experienced settlement agreement solicitors today. During our initial consultation, we will carefully review your specific situation and offer transparent and concise information regarding our fees, the strength of your case, the estimated timeline, and the likelihood of a successful outcome. To schedule a consultation and receive expert legal advice regarding a settlement agreement, reach out to one of our skilled settlement agreement solicitors in Manchester by calling 0161 696 6170 or filling out our online form.

Discover our specialised settlement agreement solicitor offerings, designed to cater to your specific needs across various locations. Browse through the links below to see how we provide tailored legal solutions in each area:

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  • What are settlement agreements?

    Martha McKinley explains what a settlement agreement is, the importance of expert legal advice - whether an employee who has been offered a settlement agreement or from the perspective of an employer.

    Martha also provides guidance on the sort of thing a settlement agreement will include along with information on the cost of legal advice and the timescales involved.


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