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What does a driver conduct hearing mean? It could mean suspension from driving for weeks, months or even years and revoking of a licence.

Drivers’ behaviour while in charge of a vehicle can put them at risk of losing their driving licence and brings them into contact with the Traffic Commissioners for Great Britain. This public body is responsible for licensing companies operating HGVs, buses, coaches and regulating local bus services.


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The Traffic Commissioners for Great Britain

The Traffic Commissioners for Great Britain powers include taking action against and assessing the fitness of existing drivers or those applying for a licence. Among the Traffic Commissioners’ stated objectives for 2016-2019 are “targeting and removing seriously and serially non-compliant drivers and operators” and “taking regulatory action against non-compliant operators and drivers”.

The Traffic Commissioners define this as drivers and operators which:

  • Have a pattern of extremely dangerous offending
  • Present increased and imminent risk to other road users
  • Compromise the integrity of the operator licence regime

So, a professional driver could face a driver conduct hearing for a number of issues, including:

  • Not meeting legal requirements relating to driving hours, such as manipulating a tachograph or falsifying time records
  • Using a mobile phone or other electronic devices while driving

Specific penalties imposed on drivers following driver conduct hearings include:

  • Revoking or suspending a LGV or PCV drivers licence for a set period or indefinitely
  • Reverting the driver back to a provisional licence and requiring the driver to pass a competence test
  • Revoking the licence of drivers aged under 21 who have four or more penalty points

Drivers who are summoned to a driver conduct hearing should seek legal advice as soon as possible. Call our specialist solicitors now for immediate help and advice on 0203 816 9274.

Why choose Stephensons?

Stephensons has highly experienced road transport solicitors who are able to provide advice, represent and defend drivers whose conduct could risk their licence and their ability to work as a professional driver.

Our work includes defending drivers and businesses accused of drivers’ hours offences and careless or dangerous driving and involves regular representation in court relating to action taken by the Traffic Commissioners.

For immediate help and advice contact us on 0203 816 9274.

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