Evicting tenants from residential property

At Stephensons our solicitors are able to provide comprehensive advice and expertise for residential landlords in relation to evicting tenants. Our residential eviction specialists are able to offer fixed fees so that you will know exactly how much each stage of the eviction process will cost.

Our eviction solicitors offer a free initial consultation and can advise you on the best route to take in the eviction process. To arrange a consultation call us on 0203 816 9303 or complete our online enquiry form and a member of the team will contact you directly.

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Stages of the eviction process

  1. Issue of notice seeking possession
  2. Court proceedings to obtain possession order
  3. Enforcement with bailiff action

Evicting tenants - Stage 1

  • Issue of a notice seeking possession
  • Service of a Section 21 Notice or Section 8 Notice seeking possession.
  • Total cost: £100 plus VAT

Evicting tenants - Stage 2

  • Court proceedings to obtain possession order
  • Drafting and issuing claim form for possession under the accelerated S21 procedure
  • Total cost: £450 plus VAT and disbursements*


  • Drafting and issuing claim form for possession under the standard S8 procedure including representation at hearing
  • Total cost: £550 plus VAT and disbursements*

Evicting tenants - Stage 3

  • Enforcement with bailiff action
  • Drafting and issuing application for warrant for eviction.
  • Total cost: £100 plus VAT and disbursements*

Please note that the all of the above rates for all stages of eviction apply to uncontested matters only. If the matter becomes defended then an hourly rate will be applied.

If you would like to instruct our residential landlord solicitors to act, please complete our online eviction instruction form or call us on 0203 816 9303.

*Disbursements are expenses incurred in the course of the claim such as court fees, surveyor’s fees, and search fees.

Unlawful eviction

Unlawful eviction is the removal of a tenant from a property without a court order. Our team of dedicated specialists are able to provide advice and assistance for landlords if they are faced with an unlawful eviction claim by their tenant.

At Stephensons, we provide complete advice and assistance to landlords to help prevent or minimise the cost of a claim for unlawful eviction, seeking to help solve the problem at the earliest possible point.

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