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World Cerebral Palsy Day 2015: Stories of inspiration

Stephensons has joined forces with a local foundation to help four-year-old twins Alfie and Thomas back on the road. 

The national law firm has made a donation to the family of Alfie and Thomas for the purchase of a pair of specialist wheelchairs, designed for children suffering from severe mobility problems.

Judith Thomas-Whittingham, Partner at Stephensons explained: “We work with children who have been diagnosed with cerebral palsy or other severe mobility problems every single day and know how important it is to encourage independence at an early age. We’re glad to be helping the boys to take a step closer to being able to enjoy all that the outdoors has to offer, just like their peers.”

Cerebral palsy is the general term for a number of neurological conditions affecting the movement and co-ordination of muscles. It can cause muscle stiffness or floppiness, random and uncontrolled body movements, as well as balance and co-ordination problems. One in 400 people in the UK is affected by the condition. Cerebral palsy can occur if the brain develops abnormally or is damaged before, during or shortly after birth. There is no cure.

Stephensons is today supporting the World Cerebral Palsy Day and will be sharing the stories of children affected and those of their families. The firm has also organised a dress-down day to collect funds for the twins and a raffle.

Jenny Mellan, mother of Thomas and Alfie added: “We want our boys to explore the world, just like other children but they currently have to rely on others. We hope that with their new wheelchairs they will be able to experience far more and also gain some independence.”

You can make a donation here.